My Mission

Do you have a special event or project that needs calligraphy? Lucky for you, I can help make it happen. Send me a note on the contact page and let's get started.

My STyle

The ocean has always been the most important constant in my life. It is where I go when I need to find peace, it is where I go on my greatest adventures, and it is how I know that I am home. The arcs of ocean waves are at once simple and powerful; this is what inspires the relaxed style of my calligraphy.

Washington, D.C.

We are located right downtown DC and it's one of our favorite aspects of working here. Our downtown location means we are easy to find and work with in the District. We love writing calligraphy at events in DC and collaborating with other creatives in town. Psst...we love our out of town clients too!



Kim Kaull

I'm a New Englander and a sailor; I consider this to be the first way I identify myself. I have spent my whole life in and around the water. I washed ashore here in DC two years ago, and that's when I started Wavecrest Calligraphy.